Store policy

  • 1 General Provisions

1.1. These regulations govern the use of the Online Store at

1.2. The online store operating at (hereinafter: Avocado Online Store) is run by Hanna Zielińska PPHU HANEX, ul. Zwycięstwa 13 62-020 Swarzędz, NIP: 7772255413 (hereinafter referred to as “HANEX”).

1.3. Entrepreneur’s contact details, enabling the Buyer to contact the Seller:

1) postal address: ul. Zwycięstwa 13, 62-020 Swarzędz

2) telephone and/or fax number: tel.: +48795976676

3) e-mail address:

1.4. Regulations of the online store The Avocado online store is continuously placed on the website in a way that allows customers to obtain, reproduce and record its content.

  • 2 Definitions

The terms used in these regulations mean:

2.1. Consumer – a natural person within the meaning of art. 221 of the Civil Code,

2.2. Entrepreneur with consumer rights – it is a natural person concluding a contract directly related to its business activity, when the content of this contract shows that it does not have a professional nature for that person, resulting in particular from the subject of its business activity, made available on the basis of provisions on the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity,

2.3. Entrepreneur – means a natural person, a legal person or an organizational unit that is not a legal person, to whom the law grants legal capacity, conducting business or professional activity on its own behalf and performing a legal act directly related to its business or professional activity,

2.4. Service Provider/Seller – HANEX

2.5. Online store – an online store run at

2.6. Civil Code – Act of April 23, 1964. (Journal of Laws 2020.1740),

2.7. Goods and Services – all services provided and goods being the subject of the sales contract between the seller and the buyer,

2.8. Regulations – these regulations for the provision of electronic services within the meaning of art. 8 of the Act on the provision of electronic services of July 18, 2002 (Journal of Laws 2020.344),

2.9. Customer/Buyer – a natural person, legal person or an organizational unit that is not a legal person, to whom specific provisions grant legal capacity, who places or plans to place an Order within the Online Store using electronic means, including a Consumer, an Entrepreneur with consumer rights and an Entrepreneur,

2.10. Order – the Customer’s declaration of will, in which the Customer accepts the Seller’s sale offer, which includes in particular the price, type, quantity of Goods or Services as part of the sale via the online store.

2.11. Consumer Rights Act – Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights (Journal of Laws 2020.287).

  • 3 Rules for using the online store

3.1. The prices of all goods and services offered by the Store are gross prices (including VAT) and are expressed in Polish zlotys. Deviations from the Polish currency rule are clearly marked.

3.2. The prices on the website of the Avocado store, as well as descriptions of goods and services, constitute only commercial information, not an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. They become binding – for the purpose of concluding a specific contract – only when the Seller confirms the acceptance of the order for execution.

3.3. The Seller uses in the Avocado Online Store discount codes authorizing the purchase of goods with the discount stated on the coupon. Discount codes cannot be exchanged for cash equivalent.

3.4. To place an order in the Avocado online store, it is necessary to accept these Regulations.

3.5. To successfully place an order in the Avocado Online Store, it is necessary to have a device with Internet access that allows you to browse websites, as well as a keyboard or other device that allows you to correctly fill out electronic forms. It is recommended to use the latest versions of web browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari for OS X, etc.

3.6. The Online Store website uses Responsive Web Design (RWD) technology, which adjusts the content of the website to the device on which it is displayed. The Store’s website is prepared to be displayed both on desktop computers and mobile devices.

3.7. The Avocado Online Store website has an SSL certificate – a secure communication encryption protocol.

3.8 The graphics visible in the online store tab are computer-generated visualizations of the chair showing color variants, which may slightly differ from the actual product.

  • 4 Terms of concluding a sales contract

4.1. Orders in the Avocado online store can be made by completing the appropriate forms available on the store’s website.

4.2. When placing an order, the customer is obliged to provide correct personal data: name and surname, address, e-mail address and mobile phone number.

4.3. After receiving the order, the Seller confirms its receipt, after paying the amount due, he informs about the acceptance of the Order for execution. Confirmation of the order takes place by sending an appropriate e-mail message to the Customer by the Seller to the address provided in the order form. Upon confirmation of the acceptance of the order by the Seller, the contract is considered concluded.

4.4. The content of the sales contract is made available and recorded by making these Regulations available on the Online Store website, sending relevant information to the Customer’s e-mail address provided when placing the order, referred to in §4 point 4.2.

4.5. Placing Orders in the Avocado Online Store is possible 24 hours a day, all days of the year.

  • 5 Payment method and payment date

5.1. In the Avocado store, it is possible to pay by transfer to the Seller’s bank account or via the secure payment portal Przelewy24.

5.2. After placing the order, the Customer receives by e-mail a bank account number to which the correct amount should be transferred. As soon as the payment is credited to the Avocado store’s bank account, the order is sent for execution.

5.3. The customer is obliged to make the payment within 24 hours of placing the order. In the absence of payment within this period, the order is cancelled.

  • 6 Delivery

6.1. The ordered goods are delivered only within the territory of the Republic of Poland and takes place at the address indicated by the Customer in the order form.

6.2. The Seller will make every effort to ensure that the delivery of the goods takes place within 10 working days of the payment being credited, or if the customer chooses a personalized material within 10 working days of receiving the material by the Seller. If it is impossible to deliver the goods within the above-mentioned time, the Buyer will be informed immediately.

6.3. Delivery of the ordered Goods takes place via:

– DHL Parcel


– DPD courier

6.4. At the time of handing over the goods to the courier company, the Buyer is notified of this fact by sending an e-mail to the address provided in the order.

6.5. The costs of delivering the Goods, which, in addition to the price for the Goods, are borne by the Customer, are provided on the Store’s website when placing the Order.

6.6. We ship abroad only via the shipping company ordered by the customer. In the event of a complaint about products sent abroad, the customer is also obliged to deliver the damaged part to us and collect it from our warehouse at his own expense.

  • 7 Withdrawal from the contract

7.1. The Avocado chair is non-returnable, because it is a product made to individual customer order. Pursuant to the exceptions indicated in the Act on Consumer Rights:

Article 38. The right to withdraw from an off-premises or remote contract is not available to the consumer in relation to contracts:


3) in which the subject of the service is a non-prefabricated item, manufactured according to the consumer’s specifications or serving to satisfy his individual needs;

  • 8 Complaints

8.1. The basis and scope of the Seller’s liability towards the Customer for non-compliance of the Product with the Agreement are defined by generally applicable laws and the following provisions of the Regulations.

8.2. The seller is obliged to deliver the product without defects.

8.3. In the event of mechanical damage caused during delivery or in the event of a complaint being made to the Seller, the Buyer should send information about this fact via e-mail to the following address: and, if possible, document the defect in question, the date of occurrence of the defect, demand for a method of bringing the goods into conformity with the contract in accordance with Art. 560 ff. of the Civil Code and providing contact details. The above requirements are recommendations, their absence does not affect the effectiveness of the complaint.

8.4. The seller will respond to the notification within 14 days of receiving the notification. Failure to respond to the Seller within the above-mentioned period means that the Seller considered the complaint justified.

8.5. Detailed information on the possibility for the Customer who is a Consumer to use out-of-court methods of dealing with complaints and redress as well as the rules of access to these procedures are available at the offices and on the websites of poviat (municipal) consumer ombudsmen, social organizations whose statutory tasks include consumer protection, Inspectorates of the Trade Inspection and at the following Internet addresses of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection:




8.6. The Customer who is a Consumer has in particular (but not exclusively) the following exemplary possibilities of using out-of-court methods of dealing with complaints and pursuing claims:

8.6.1. The customer is entitled to apply to the permanent amicable consumer court referred to in art. 37 of the Act of December 15, 2000 on the Trade Inspection (consolidated text: Journal of Laws of 2019, item 1668, as amended), with a request to settle a dispute arising from the concluded Sales Agreement. Regulations for the organization and operation of permanent consumer arbitration courts

is set out in the Regulation of the Minister of Justice of July 6, 2017 on defining the rules of organization and operation of permanent arbitration courts of permanent arbitration courts at voivodship inspectors of the trade inspection. (Journal of Laws of 2017, item 1356).

8.6.2. The customer is entitled to apply to the provincial inspector of the Trade Inspection, in accordance with art. 36 of the Act of December 15, 2000 on the Trade Inspection (consolidated text: Journal of Laws of 2019, item 1668, as amended), with a request for out-of-court settlement of the dispute between the Customer and the Seller. Information on the rules and mode of the mediation procedure conducted by the voivodship inspector of the Trade Inspection is available at the offices and on the websites of individual Voivodship Inspectorates of the Trade Inspection.

8.6.3. The customer may submit a complaint via the ODR online platform: The ODR platform is also a source of information on the forms of out-of-court settlement of disputes that may arise between entrepreneurs and Consumers.

8.7. The seller is not responsible for mechanical damage caused by using the chair contrary to its intended use.

  • 9 Personal data

9.1. The administrator of personal data is the Seller.

9.2. The principles of personal data protection can be found in the Privacy Policy of the Avocado online store, available at

  • 10 Final Provisions

10.1. The Seller reserves the right to make changes to these Regulations for important reasons. Any changes to the Regulations come into force on the appropriate date indicated by the Seller, but not shorter than 7 days.

10.2. The amended Regulations bind the Buyer/Client, if the requirements specified in art. 384 and 384 [1] of the Civil Code, i.e. he was properly notified of the changes and did not terminate the contract within 14 calendar days from the date of notification.

10.3. According to Art. 8 sec. 3 point 2 lit. b of the Act of 18.7.2002 on the provision of electronic services, the entity using the online store website is obliged not to post unlawful content on this website.

10.4. In matters not covered by these regulations, the relevant provisions of the Civil Code and the Act of May 30, 2014 – on consumer rights will apply.

10.5. Agreements with the seller are concluded in Polish.

10.6. The Regulations come into force on April 1, 2022.

Privacy policy

Privacy policy of the website

  1. General information: This Privacy Policy sets out the rules for the processing and protection of personal data provided by Users in connection with their use of services through our Website.
  2. The administrator of personal data contained on the website is Hanna Zielińska PPHU HANEX with its registered office at ul. Zwycięstwa 13, 62-020 Swarzędz
  3. In the interests of the security of the data entrusted to us, we have developed internal procedures and recommendations to prevent disclosure of data to unauthorized persons. We control their performance and constantly check their compliance with the relevant legal acts – the Personal Data Protection Act, the Electronic Services Provision Act, as well as all kinds of executive acts and Community legislation.
  4. Personal Data is processed on the basis of the consent expressed by the User and in cases where the law authorizes the Administrator to process personal data on the basis of the law or for the purpose of implementing the contract concluded between the parties.
  5. The website performs the functions of obtaining information about users and their behavior in the following way:
    1. through information entered voluntarily in the forms
    2. by collecting cookies.
  6. The website collects information voluntarily provided by the user.
  7. The data provided in the form are processed for the purpose resulting from the function of a specific form, e.g. in order to process the information contact
  8. Personal data left on the website will not be sold or made available to third parties, in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act.
  9. The data contained in the form may be viewed by the natural person who placed it there. This person also has the right to modify and stop processing their data at any time.
  10. We reserve the right to change the privacy policy of the website, which may be affected by the development of Internet technology, possible changes in the law on the protection of personal data and the development of our website. We will inform you about any changes in a visible and understandable way.
  11. The Website may contain links to other websites. Such websites operate independently of the Website and are not supervised by the Website in any way. These websites may have their own privacy policies and regulations, which we recommend that you familiarize yourself with.
  12. In case of doubt about any of the provisions of this privacy policy, we are at your disposal – our data can be found at the bottom of the website.


  1. In the event of product defects, the customer may exercise the rights under the warranty, in accordance with the current law.
  2. The information should be reported via e-mail to the following address:, the content should include a detailed description of the defect, date and circumstances of its occurrence, proof of purchase and expectations towards the seller (repair, replacement, price reduction, withdrawal from the contract) on the terms established by the currently applicable provisions of the Polish Civil Code.
  3. The seller has 14 days to respond to the complaint. No response within 14 days is tantamount to recognizing the complaint as justified.
  4. The seller may demand that the goods be delivered to the company’s address in order to hand over the damaged goods to an expert who will issue an opinion on the occurrence of the defect.
  5. The seller is not responsible for defects arising during the delivery of the advertised goods.
  6. The seller is not responsible for mechanical damage caused by using the chair contrary to its intended use.