Krzesło Avocado do aktywnego siedzenia
Krzesło Avocado do aktywnego siedzenia

The Avocado Chair for active sitting is a tool that will make your workspace more ergonomic.

You don’t have to spend many hours in the gym to take better care of your body and health.

No time to be active

Physical exercise is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, due to busy schedules, many people struggle to incorporate it into their daily routine.

Inactivity harms health

Nowadays we spend most of our time sitting. The main cause of pain and dysfunction of the spine is not the sitting position itself, but staying still for many hours.

Sit and exercise

The Avocado Chair enables frequent changes of position, thanks to which both the spine and the joints of the lower limbs work in different ranges of motion.

How to order a chair?​


Go to Order tab


Fill out the form to place and send your order to us


Choose the color of the base and cylinder


Choose the color of the upholstery from our collection or find your own fabric that suits you and send it to us.



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