How was the Avocado chair created?​

The idea to create the Avocado chair originated from yoga practices that involve various types of squats, such as cross-squats, Japanese squats, and open squats. These movements are known to improve the flexibility of the body, relax the muscles in the lower parts of the spine, and open up the hip joints. In addition to the physical benefits of these squatting movements, the Avocado chair’s design enables frequent changes of position, which increases blood circulation in the lower limbs. This increased circulation can have a preventive effect on the formation of varicose veins and venous stasis. Overall, the Avocado chair was developed as a way to promote movement and improve physical health while sitting, drawing inspiration from the beneficial effects of yoga and the importance of frequent changes of position.


Cross-squatting is recognized as one of the most beneficial sitting positions for our health. This posture involves crossing the legs and has several positive effects on the body. When we sit cross-legged, our hip joints are rotated outwards, promoting relaxation of the thigh adductor muscle group and preventing valgus of the knee joints. In addition, cross-squatting activates the trunk muscles, particularly the abdominal muscles, which can alleviate pressure on the lumbar spine. This position also helps to "open" the chest, allowing us to stretch the chest and neck muscles that can become contracted when sitting in a hunched position. These benefits have a direct impact on the depth of breathing, leading to better oxygenation of the body. Overall, cross-squatting is an excellent sitting position that can promote relaxation, improve posture, and enhance breathing.

Japanese squat

in addition to the fact that in this position the spine is lengthened (through the active work of the trunk muscles) and the chest opens, thus facilitating breathing, we also affect the stretching of the often tense quadriceps muscles of the thigh and dorsal extensors of the foot. The traditional Japanese sit can be uncomfortable due to the pressure that the whole body exerts on the lower legs, but the Japanese sit on our chair is comfortable thanks to the pelvis lift on the upper seat. Blood can circulate freely in the lower limbs without causing numbness in the legs, so the user can sit comfortably in this position and reap the health benefits.​

Deep squat

The deep squat is one of the most natural low positions, and young children can stay in it comfortably for long periods of time. Unfortunately, as we age, this ability tends to disappear, and the deep squat can become uncomfortable for adults. This is due to a loss of unused ranges of motion, and increasing muscle rigidity that makes it harder to assume non-standard body positions. If we spend most of our days sitting in chairs and sofas, with our hips and knees flexed at 90 degrees, it is unlikely that we will have the flexibility to assume a deep squat position. This is a significant loss because spending just a few minutes a day in this position can have many positive effects on our health. It can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, glutes, increase hip and ankle joint mobility, and promote relaxation of the lower spine. In summary, the deep squat is a beneficial position that is unfortunately lost as we age due to a lack of use. However, spending time in this position can have positive effects on our body, and it is important to maintain flexibility and range of motion as we age.

Is the Avocado Chair comfortable?​

Sitting on a chair is comfortable, but convenience is not a priority. The main goal that the user is supposed to achieve while sitting in a chair is to increase joint mobility, muscle flexibility and body awareness. The chair does not guarantee that the spine will be kept in the correct position, but it stimulates the muscles to be more active. Changing the position from time to time increases the range of motion of the joints in different directions. Sitting in a chair can be compared to practicing yoga – at first it may seem demanding, but over time we feel more and more comfortable in the positions we take and notice positive results throughout the body.

Scientific point of view

The Avocado chair is not just another useless gadget. There are many studies and scientific articles confirming the beneficial effect of cross-legged and Japanese sit-ups and squats on the human body. In addition, physiotherapists, osteopaths and personal trainers agree on the importance of changing the body position during work. It is strongly recommended to avoid staying still for many hours a day. Desks at which we can stand or walk are becoming more and more popular. The Avocado chair is an alternative to this type of desk, which allows for more comfortable work, but does not immobilize the user, but stimulates activity.

Below is a list of the most interesting scientific articles that prove the beneficial effects of active sitting on the human body.

Personalization of the chair

Our chair, in addition to health benefits, also presents a timeless design and high-quality workmanship.

You can personalize your chair and choose the finish you like best. In the “ORDER” tab, you can choose one of our basic upholstery colors, as well as the finish of the cylinder and chair base.

However, if this is not enough for you and you want your chair to be one of a kind – send us your material and we will make a unique model especially for you.

Aside from its health benefits, our chair boasts a timeless design and high-quality craftsmanship.

You can personalize your chair by selecting your preferred finish. Simply visit the “ORDER” tab to choose from our range of basic upholstery colors, cylinder finishes, and chair bases.

If you desire a chair that is truly unique, we offer a custom option. You can send us your preferred material, and we will create a one-of-a-kind model tailored to your specifications

Chair dimensions

The chair has an adjustable height of both the lower and upper seat.

Lower seat:
Height: 38-44 cm
Width: 75x60cm

The height of the lower seat is adjusted by a pneumatic cylinder (load capacity of 90 kg).

Upper seat:
Height: 8-14 cm
Width: 31×21cm

The height of the upper seat is mechanically adjusted using knobs.

Do you have questions?

Write us a message and we will answer all your questions. You can directly contact us via social media, which is run by the originator of the Avocado chair – on a daily basis working as a physiotherapist and biomedical engineer.